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tHAIRapy Lounge is a a salon that specializes in integrating customized color and foil services with haircuts created to give the client amazing dimensional color with multiple style possibilities resulting in fabulous hair long after the salon visit.  Located in the heart of downtown Glens Falls off Centennial Circle, tHAIRapy Lounge caters to women and men who appreciate a salon that offers a warm and welcoming, positive energy.

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H   A   I   R    C   U   T   S               . . . . . . . . . .

(Cutting services include, consultation, shampoo, conditioning, blow dry.)
Women's cut ..........................$45.00/ Long hair $50.00
Men's cut       .................................................$30.00
Fringe (Bang trim)   ..................... $10.00
Shampoo and Blowdry .........$30.00/ Long hair $40.00
Curling & Flat iron work, add to any service .....$15.00
Conditioning Treatments, add to any service ...$20.00

F A C I A L   W A X I N G . . .

Organic soy wax enriched with Vitamin E is used to help protect skin during hair removal leaving skin satiny smooth.

Eyebrow  $15.00             Lip  $10.00           Chin  $10.00          All 3 areas $30.00


Customized Color and Foil Services . . .

All color services begin with a consultation to discuss your current hair color and goals, analysis of hair condition, treatments and products available to suit the needs of your hair as well as maintenance of the finished result.  Whether you're a veteran of hair color or just thinking of trying a few foils, there's something for everyone!  tHAIRapy Lounge uses Schwarzkopf and Wella Koleston Perfect color lines, both for extensive choice of products as well as their ability to meet the demands of colorist and clients.  To care for and retain your beautiful hair color,  tHAIRapy Lounge uses and highly recommends ColorProof Evolved Color Care products.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If for some reason you have fallen off your regularly scheduled color appointment (4 months or more) and your color has been left to grow out, please share this information when scheduling your appointment, as more time will be needed to renew your color. Likewise, if you decide you want a completely different color then what you may be wearing, please share this information when scheduling your appointment.


Color Correction . . .

So much to say, so little space ...

A client in need of a corrective color presents unique challenges.  FIRST and foremost, with a CONSULTATION to determine exactly what each individual situation requires in terms of: the goals/wishes of the client; the course of action; the TIME for the process; appropriate and proper use of products; price and maintenance.  Emphasis is on the word 'TIME':  THE COLOR CORRECTION TAKES TIME OF BOTH THE CLIENT AND COLORIST.  Typically, the hair that needs corrective attention did not blossom into this state overnight.  For example, it is not just a 'do it yourself' color now out of control, or incorrect formulas repeatedly applied that cause hair to look unappealing, dehydrated and fried. There are a multitude of reasons that can, and often do, accumulate. The hair itself needs time to return to a healthy state. It is a PROCESS that takes TIME (average 3-5 visits) and a plan of action that will bring problem hair back to healthy, beautiful hair.  Let your hair be noticed for the right reason!                                                                        Base price $200.




12 Warren St., Glens Falls, NY  (518)793-3313